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  • What is a car wrap?
    A car wrap is a decal or large vinyl graphic applied on the surface of a vehicle. It is used to change the way a vehicle looks on a temporary basis, as the wrap may be removed if necessary without altering the car’s original paintwork.
  • Can I choose to wrap just one part of my car?
    Of course! If you want to add racing stripes or have a chrome hood, our partial wraps service is just for you. Anything less than a full car wrap is considered a partial wrap. For partial wraps, we can use digitally-printed graphics or cut vinyl text and logos, depending on the design you want and your budget.
  • How much will my cost?
    The cost of wrapping a vehicle would depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the wrap and the type of vinyl used. Our friendly car wrap experts can give you an idea of the cost of your custom work; just give us a call.
  • Will the wrap damage my car's paint job?
    Not at all. The car wrap will even protect your OEM paint. However, if the paintwork is not in good condition to begin with—for instance, if paint is chipping off—then the wrap may pull off the chipping paint when it is removed.
  • Once I drop my car off how long will it take?
    Vehicle wrap application is usually done in 1-2 days, depending on the vehicle type, size, and the complexity of the wrap. Of course, it would take a while longer if we’ll be wrapping a whole fleet! We’ll let you know when to expect the job done before we begin the installation. One thing’s for sure: it takes less time than a paint job!
  • Won't the printed graphics fade over time under the sun?
    UV rays can cause printed graphics to lose their color over time, but we have a solution for this. After the graphic is printed, we overlay it with a laminate film to protect the vinyl from UV rays. The laminate will also protect the vinyl graphics from abrasions.
  • Should I wash my car before dropping it off?
    Yes please. It is important that all vehicles for wrapping are free of oil, wax, dust, mud, and other agents that may prevent the vinyl wrap from adhering properly to the vehicle surface, scratch the paint, or cause bubbling after the wrap is installed. An additional fee may be added to your order if it comes in unprepared to wrap and our team has to wash it.
  • What can wall wraps be used for?
    Full wall wraps are more versatile than you may think. Consider adding a landscape to the walls of your schools gym to enhance the atmosphere of your workout area. Perhaps your business or organization is focused on education a wall mural is perfect for highlighting your company’s history and telling your story through the use of archival photos.
  • How much does a wall wrap cost?
    The cost of a custom wall wrap will depend on the size of your wall or space and the material you choose. For estimates, you can call us and we can come out and get you a quote.
  • What type of image can I use to create my own wallpaper wrap?
    With imagination almost any photo, image, illustration or even favorite piece of artwork can be used to create a stunning and unique wall wrap.
  • Are there limitations to the sizes I can order?
    All of our products are tailor-made to your measurements, and can be made to fit any sized wall. It also means that there is minimal waste, so you're not paying for what you don’t need.
  • Can I get help or advice with my project or image?
    Our expert image editors are always here to help with any changes you’d like to make to your image to create the perfect custom finish. Change the sizes and dimensions of most images for a perfect fit. Enhance or reduce colors or turn it Black & White. Remove any unwanted objects that spoil your image. Add text, people, animals buildings or objects to create your very own unique wrap. For free help and advice simply fill out the form on the site.

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