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Please understand that a vehicle wrap is not paint. Some flaws in the material are inevitable. Minor lift, even on flat areas, will happen. When wrapping vinyl in and out of deep grooves and around curves and/or rivets, limited "bubbling," "lifting," and "tenting" of the material is inevitable. This, however, will not jeopardize the effectiveness of the advertisement. Seams in material will be used to minimize "bubbling" and "lifting" as much as possible. Cleaning is important to the life of the wrap. When cleaning, be sure to clean gently. WARNING: Never use a pressure washer on the wrap material. Too much pressure will cause the material to tear and/or lift. Please note that exposure to the sun will cause fading over time.


Our vehicle wraps include a 5-year limited warranty on installation. This limited warranty covers any major lifting or bubbling in the material jeopardizing the effectiveness of the advertisement for 60 months from the date of vehicle delivery. Premature failure due to cracking, crazing, blistering or loss of adhesion due to installation error shall be covered under this warranty if it occurs during the 60-month warranty period. Material applied through extreme creases or curves is subject to lifting and bubbling and is not considered appreciable deterioration. Slight color fading, chalking, edge lifting, slight reduction in gloss or tenting around rivets will not detract from appearance and will not be repaired under this warranty. The 60-month limited warranty does not cover fading of color. Please note if the vinyl manufacturer does not guarantee horizontal surfaces, installation will follow suit. If any repairs due to product failure are needed during the first 60 months of vehicle delivery, the repairs will fall under the 60 month limited workmanship warranty. There will be no charge for labor or material. However, transportation of the vehicle to and from the repair location is the sole responsibility of the Client and is not covered under this warranty. The damaged area will be cut away and replaced with new print. Seams will be lined up as well as possible, but slight mismatch of images may occur. Please note that vinyl applied by anyone other than us will result in a void of warranty. Note: The 60 month limited warranty is voided if the installation was not done by Versa Prining, Inc.

Notification of Claim: This warranty requires that the Vendor be notified in writing by the Client within fourteen days of material failure. Claim notifications must include original invoice as proof of purchase and vehicle’s VIN number, along with digital images of the failed product.

Application to Glass: We accept no liability for glass breakage. Glass is prone to break under the stress caused by temperature changes across the surface, which could be amplified by the application of film.

Perforated vinyl is guaranteed by the manufacturer for six months from the date of install. Versa Printing follows the same guarantee timeline for installation.

Misuse and Natural Disasters: We have no obligation under this warranty with respect to products that been modified or damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, neglect or mishandling by the Client. For example, graphics are not warranted against premature failure caused by chemical or mechanical means such as, but not limited to, vehicle accidents, vandalism, cleaning solutions, paints, solvents, use of high pressure washing equipment, mechanical washing equipment, engine fuel spills, engine exhaust, steam, organic solvents or other spilled chemicals. Damage from fire, earthquake, flood, structural failure, lightening, and other natural disasters are not covered by this warranty.

Digital Materials Warranty for North America: "Outdoor Durability" for the purpose of this warranty is defined as no appreciable deterioration (color shift greater than Delta E=15) in the product when viewed from its intended viewing distance. Premature failure due to cracking, crazing, blistering, or loss of adhesion shall constitute a breach of warranty if it occurs during the warranty period. Replacement graphics will be warranted for the period corresponding to the remaining warranty period of the original failed graphics. Slight color fading, chalking, edge lifting, or slight reduction in gloss for cast and calendared films, or "tenting" around rivets for cast films, will not materially detract from appearance and does not constitute a breach of warranty. Product durability is as follows: SCM-PGVP Premium Cast Vinyl, PGM-OLPG Premium Cast Gloss Over laminate Film, 60 months outdoor, for flat or flat with rivets or curved surfaces (no corrugation). SCM-PGVP Premium Cast Vinyl, PGM-OLCL Calendared Luster Over laminate Film, 25 months outdoor, for flat or simple curves. SCM-ECVP Economy Calendared Vinyl, PGM-OLPG Premium Cast Gloss Over laminate Film, 36 months outdoor, flat or simple curves. SCM-ECVP Economy Calendared Vinyl, PGM-OLCL Calendared Luster Over laminate Film by Avery, 18 months outdoor, Flat only. Note: Outdoor durability for the following extremely severe areas will be two years less than the durability published Data Bulletin: AZ, NV, NM, UT, sw TX, s CA, Mexico, Caribbean Isle. Also 60 months on hoods and any area over a heat source such as an engine compartment.

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We only source our materials from vinyl manufacturers that provide acceptable warranties. Issues that arise specifically from vinyl defects are covered by the vinyl manufacturers for 2-7 years from the time of installation, depending on the brand 


Car wraps installed with Avery Graphics Products are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel for up to 5 years for most applications.Please reference their ICS Performance Guarantee here. We will be happy to provide you with specific film/material information if needed. Please note that at this time, Avery Dennison does not warranty horizontal surfaces.

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